Urgent Report About Wildfire Smoke Containing Toxic Pesticides and Chemicals

To help the people suffering from the California wildfires our company posted out to you dozens of pr announcements to the media TV, Newspapers, Radio and Internet News Services explaining about the dangers of toxic pesticide and chemical exposures from the smoke inhaled from the wildfires in The southern area of California. In my blog post I explained how the toxic pesticides and chemical laden smoke might lead to permanent damage to ancestors health by the way of immune system disorders and various diseases on top of the health problems this smoke can cause to some people that have Asthma, Allergies, COPD and other chronic lung and health conditions.

NONE of the so-called health experts or Government officials talking about the smoke from the California wildfires talked about the dangers from breathing the burning toxic pesticides and chemicals that surely was mixed into the smoke! And not one person from the media contacted me back from all of the pr announcements I posted out to you to them. This is why I am writing this URGENT report.

If you live in a wildfire zone and you are in danger for smoke exposure due to a wildfire, keep HEPA respirators with activated h2o and available for your family to wear unless you can safely get away from the smoke! Other styles of smoke masks will help but HEPA respirators with activated h2o and are the best option. They are sold at home Depot, LOWES and other hardware stores. If you cannot wear a HEPA respirator due to a lung condition, Don’t Wait around Unless you Are Breathing Smoke! QUICKLY GET OUT OF THE AREA SO YOU CAN BREATHE CLEAN AIR! Anywhere wildfires can happen you are in danger for serious health problems that may last throughout your life! The Western United states is not the only areas affected by wildfires. how to remove wildfire smoke from the house The fields in the Midwest and the Everglades in the The southern area of United states are also prone to wildfires.

If you live safely far enough away from the wildfire but you are still being exposed to the smoke, stay inside your home and buy QUALITY HEPA Air Cleaners or HEPA Home air cleaners for your house or office. When you purchase more than one of these units make sure you get ones that can produce a high air exchange rate hourly in a sized room and make sure that they contain pounds of activated h2o and to absorb chemicals from the smokey air. The highest quality brands and models to look for are the Austin texas Air Healthmate HEPA Air Cleaners, TRACS HEPA Home air cleaners, EZ Air HEPA Air Cleaners. These units will do the best job of removing wildfire smoke, chemicals and scents while making a huge difference in improving your IAQ indoor air quality.

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