Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming The Review

One question I always am often asked is whether or not I’m grooming can be learned in a book or through articles. It is a reasonable question and I have to say that the answer is yes, grooming can be learned from a book but it needs to be mastered with practice.

And that brings me to a topic I would like to touch on today and that is fourteen weeks is the grooming book known as The ultimate Guide to Grooming by Dog Grooming House and give you a little review of one of the leading dog grooming books that you can find online.

To start, the ultimate Guide to Grooming is an extensive look at the grooming world. It takes you through the tools that you’re going to need and looks at the different coat types and general grooming needs that your average dog owner should know. In addition, the ultimate Guide to Grooming also looks at the more specialized grooming that you could be confronted by when your dog doesn’t fit the average coat type.

Although the book does share many of the same qualities you would find in other grooming books, it has set itself apart by covering everything you must know to properly lick your dog. In addition, the book is very easy to follow and is separated into coat types so you don’t have to read a lot of unnecessary information and can strictly stick to your dog’s individual coat type.

As a read, it is actually quite entertaining and it doesn’t get bogged down by technical terms that really have nothing to do with grooming. Instead, it focuses on the main facts and keeps the language and the tone of the book light and enjoyable to learn. In fact, it is so enjoyable that you are finished it before you even realize it.

While I find this to be one of the best books available today, it is a book that focuses mainly on the grooming that a dog owner would do. It does have a lot of advanced grooming techniques in it and while this can be a wonderful starting tool for novice professional grooming, it doesn’t cover the many areas necessary for starting a grooming service.

That being said, the book really does focus on dog owners and making life much easier for you and your pet during grooming times. It breaks down each grooming area in a step by step manner looked after provides you with printable cheat sheets to have handy near your grooming area.

It also takes your knowledge a step of progress and by the end of the book, you will find that you are not only an expert on grooming but that you know a great deal about the canine coat and all of the grooming needs a dog has.

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