Making Movie Theater Popcorn at home

Let’s face it, going to the flicks is not merely about the movie it’s the entire experience. The lights, food, smell all enhance that experience. If you are like me, watching a movie without popcorn just does not work. Popcorn is a must with a movie. With today’s economy and prices for movie tickets, it makes much more send to watch at home. But you want some of that theater experience with you. So the question is, how to make movie theatre popcorn at home.

Forget using microwave popcorn. หนังชนโรง This stuff is not good period. The number 1 consider creating movie theatre popcorn is the oil. You need to use a good coconut oil. Not only will this flavor the popcorn movie style, but it will color the popcorn to create that rich yellow look.

The other 2 ingredients are the kernels and salt. The two main types of popcorn are white and yellow. The color has nothing to do with it, the white tends to be a smaller popcorn and the yellow is a bit bigger. For the salt, you can use any table salt, but it is advisable to get a butter tasting salt, which you can find online.

Now that just about everyone has these ingredients, how do we make it? Well the best way would be to get a cabling do you popcorn machine. But this is not practical for everyone. An alternative is ty trying a large pot. You will need to have this over low heat and stirring constantly. For one group you want to add 1 tablespoon of kernels, 2 tablespoons of coconut swallowing oil, and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. Combine all ingredients and start stirring over low heat. In about 5 minutes you need to have a scrumptious group of movie theatre popcorn!

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