Armani Jeans Effortless Style

Armani Jeans is a bridge-line collection formed in 1981 by Giorgio Armani, with denim at the heart of everything it does. It is a line that has a lot of freedom when it comes to design, don’t expect Giorgio Armani’s signature simplicity, the colours used are more diverse than those found in his higher end […]


WAEC EXPO 2021 Test Irregularities in Nigerian Schools

Conventionally, examinations are regarded as a method of assessment of students who have been through one level of education or another at the end of a term, session or school year. However, among other disturbing developments that your industry is experiencing in the country nowadays, the incidence of examination malpractices in the Nigerian educational system […]


Wear Sunglasses to complement Your lifestyle

Wearing sunglasses, be it look-alike sunglasses, polarized sunglasses or fashion sunglasses has become a common fashion trend in the summers. Not only celebrities and the trendy young generation love wearing sunglasses, it is also highly preferred by sports persons. For the athletes there is a special array of sports sunglasses exclusively designed as men’s sports […]


Tips on Buying a Car Battery

Car battery prices must be considered by a vehicle driver a priority from their budget too. Any car needs an electric charge to start its engine. The only way to acquire electricity for every vehicle is through the battery it uses, and as long as it performs well. There are many factors that affect the […]


Hervey Fresh CBD Lacks Identity

There is much talk over the years on how to revitalise the older area of the Pialba business center. Exercise believe there is one fundamental problem that needs addressing. We need to have a suburb called Hervey Fresh City which incorporates the CBD area. At present the CBD lies within the suburb of Pialba & […]


The Art of Earthworks Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty

The Earthworks movement, a unique area of the history of contemporary art, clearly had something to say about society, technology, and modern culture. Rather than utilizing nature motifs and creating two-dimensional painted countryside, the Earthworks artists attacked direct modification of the landscape itself. This process was both traditional and progressive. The tradition of prehistoric typical […]


Introduction to Using Zener Diodes As Voltage References

Zener (a. ka. increase or breakdown) diodes are p-n junction semiconductor devices designed to operate in the reverse breakdown region of their VI characteristic challenge. By maintaining their reverse current within certain limits, the voltage drop across the diode will remain constant. If maintained in this mode of operation, the diode will act as a […]


Easy Shirt Buying Tips

If you have just been through an exhaustive spring-cleaning of your wardrobe and realized you do not have enough formal and casual tops, then it is time to change the scenario. Plenty of respected fashion labels have come up with an exciting array of options : both in the formal and casual range. Classic, tailored […]